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Commercial male voiceover talent: the commercial voice to your ad

How can you be sure that your company delivers the right first impression? Add professionalism, trust and feeling to your message with one of the most experienced commercial male TV voiceover artists in Melbourne.

Increased conversion

I have worked in a range of areas for my corporate clients – including as a male training video voiceover artist – and I have the skill and flexibility to adapt my style and tone to suit your needs. A relaxed voice could increase trust with an older targeted demographic, while a slick and energetic voice may call a younger audience to action. After a briefing, I will adjust my voice to blend in with your company’s brand, offer and the intended audience.

Sector-broad experience

I have hired my voice to a diverse range of companies and industries in my work as a commercial male TV voiceover talent in Melbourne.

My corporate voiceover portfolio includes work on everything from training videos to promotional videos, and my experience includes – but is not limited to – the following industries:

  • Telecom / internet services
  • Transport / logistic services
  • Retail
  • Business to business
  • Media productions
  • Clubs and charities
  • Medical industry
  • Entertainment and travel


Would you like to listen to my past work as a corporate video male voiceover artist? Head over to my samples section to listen to a compilation of commercial voice over work. If you would like to hear more or would like to receive a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact me.