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Hire a professional male radio voiceover artist to make your ad stand out

Radio has been around for over a hundred years. Even in this age of internet and computer-generated graphics, radio’s accessibility means that it remains an immensely popular medium, and radio commercials still present a great opportunity to reach the public. I can help you make the most of the opportunities presented by radio advertising with my voiceover services.

A bespoke radio voice

I offer a customised service for male radio voiceover in Melbourne. No matter how long or short your ad, I work hard to tailor my voiceover work to your company, product and target group. Use of intonation, pitch and timing may vary, depending on the assignment.

Grabbing attention

Attracting the attention of your audience can be achieved in different ways. Sure, you could shout, sing or put on a character voice – but will the listener remember you? I have the industry knowledge and experience to make your ad both professional and memorable, without relying on gimmicks.


Please check out my samples section to listen to a compilation of past radio work as a radio male voiceover artist in Melbourne. If you would like to hear more or would like to receive a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact me.